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Digital Measuring Services

Redline Templates provides cutting edge measuring techniques to make sure your projects get installed with precision and accuracy.


Services: Services

Custom Glass Templating

When it comes to custom glass, we all know you get one shot at getting it right. With RedLine Templates we take the guess-work out of measuring tricky projects! We specialize in glass railing systems, custom shower glass, storefronts, curtain walls, and windows!

Glass Stair Railing
Interior Measurments


Remember the days of walking an entire house to get the measurements by hand? Your time is valuable and sometimes mistakes happen when juggling multiple task. Let RedLine come and send you accurate measurements on your next project.

Custom Projects

Sometimes the projects we encounter are one of a kind. They can be difficult to measure, and then even the most experienced professional makes mistakes. With Redline, we provide accurate shop drawing and cut-sheets for you custom project.

Custom Home Builder
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